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L’image offers organizational consulting and technical services for Film Festivals, Festivals, Exhibitions, Shows, Fairs, Meetings, Congresses, Conferences and Events both outdoors and indoors, in both cultural and commercial settings, for both temporary and permanent set-ups.

Our extensive experience enables us to propose the best customized solutions in a continuous and fruitful exchange with the client in a total partnership framework.

Summer Arenas

We set up summer arenas offering the most suitable film projection systems both digital (DCP and high-brightness video projectors) and analog (Super 8, 16 mm, 35 mm), as well as audio and microphone systems, real time and non-real time subtitling, screens with micro-perforated canvases with high acoustic gain of different sizes, either self-supporting or with special support structures, and the corresponding stalls. We also offer advice and management for everything from negotiating with distribution companies for the acquisition of projection rights, dealing with the SIAE, handling the necessary security paperwork for obtaining permits, managing the ticketing, organizing the communication plan… in short, a total partnership.

We begin with an accurate needs analysis and budget identification. Then, after an inspection and selection of the most suitable spaces, we fine-tune the programming by checking film availability, balancing quality with popularity and price.

We use professional equipment according to the type of audience. Furthermore, we supply inflatable screens for film screenings on beaches or in swimming pools. For open spaces we produce the necessary certifications of the booths, screens and equipment. We also handle all technical requirements related to multiple audio/video formats and their possible conversion for optimal reproduction.





Technical Set-ups for Festivals/Events

We guarantee proven experience in the staging and technical management of film festivals and video events. We provide comprehensive support in content retrieval and verification, digital format conversions, DCP film digital key verification (KDM), direction and management of the technical aspects of screenings, organization, timing, and venue management.





Organizational Secretariat

L’mage provides consulting and services in organizational secretarial activities for fairs, festivals, exhibitions, competitions and events in general.

We have conducted numerous projects curating them partially or entirely: from feasibility analysis to budget management, from hosting authors to setting up locations, from technological support to photography or filming, from graphic design to press office activities and online and offline communication.

We have organized award ceremonies, designed exhibition paths, moved graphic and photographic works, created logos, billboard campaigns and promotional spots.

We also provide all the necessary technological support and personnel to assist the client in all the phases of the event: from video projectors to Digital Displays, from microphones to simultaneous translation, from video streaming to call conferences.





Systems and technical equipment

We offer audio/video systems for summer arenas and film festivals as well as for congresses, conferences, meetings, fairs, shows – taking into account the type of event, location and number of participants, using innovative technologies and an experienced and competent technical staff equipped with the certificates in accordance with current laws.

  • DCP digital cinema projectors and accessories (stands, vacuum systems, A/D converters)
  • Super 8, 16mm and 35mm film projectors (also with looper systems for continuous loop projections)
  • Video projectors for all professional and amateur, educational and professional needs, lamp or laser, LCD or DLP, single chip or three-chip.
  • High-brightness, high-resolution video projectors
  • LED Video Wall / Screens / Monitors of all sizes and formats
  • Certified large self-supporting screens that significantly reduce assembly time, cost, and safety practices
  • Motorized Screens
  • Cinema screens with micro-perforated (transom) and/or high-gain canvases
  • Rigid frame screens for front and rear projections
  • Screen mounts with aluminum trusses
  • Inflatable screens
  • Soundproof film booths certified for outdoor set-up
  • PA systems: amplifiers, microphones, speakers
  • Photography/video shooting
  • Dockable, fireproof chairs for outdoor stalls
  • Audio/video accessories: racks, trusses, risers, stands, lamps for digital or analog projectors, switches, video signal amplifiers, HD converters and any other accessories.
  • Systems for audio/video recording and streaming
  • Conference systems
  • Audio/video direction management





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