Since the year 1983, we have been working in both the analogue and digital film sectors.

Starting from the gained experience in this field, throughout time we have developed, in-depth skills in the rental and sale of audio and video systems, in the preparation of multimedia systems and in the organization of events.

In addition to these activities, we have also been involved in graphic design and the production of films.

We are a studio in which individuals with different skills work, implementing effective collaborations, when the projects require it.

We operate both in the cultural and corporate fields and we are attentive to technological evolution as well as sensitive to the new implications of online communication.

Monica takes care of the commercial and administrative aspects, coordinating the different activities of L’Image. She also extends her sense of organisation to the management of film events.

Antonio manages the technical aspects; his competence along with an understanding of the problems of both analog and digital systems effectively supports all types of audiovisual and multimedia installations.

Stefano coordinates communication projects, analyzes and plans the best solutions for the management of information resources and their distribution on multiple media.

Maurizio deals with the projects addressing the multifold aspects of communication.

Se vuoi più informazioni sui nostri servizi o sei interessato ad una nostra promozione, non esitare a telefonarci o a mandarci un’e-mail.

Siamo presenti anche nel Mercato Elettronico della Pubblica Amministrazione (MePA).

L’Image Srl

Luigi Boccherini 25

35133 Padova

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