Sale and rental of audio/video systems

DCP / Projectors / Screens / P.A.

> Customized solutions: rental or sale
> We rent and sell
> Audio/video systems
> Streaming
> Web & Call Conference

1 – Customized solutions: rental or sale

… once we even set up an audience of 1000 seats with sophisticated systems of projection on the bed of a river!

The experience gained in the field of organization of film, business and cultural events allows us to suggest customized solutions for both the rental and sale of film / audio / video systems.

Whether it’s a cinema or a room for business meetings, we always propose the best configuration according to functions and budget.

We can assist and advise you on the rental and purchase of equipment, so as to ensure an optimal investment of your budget.

For both sales and rental, we carry out temporary and/or permanent installations. In addition, we continue to provide our customers with appropriate after-sales service.

Noleggio proiettori digitali DCPMontaggio facile grande schermo autoportante

Mixer audio microfoni Isola Festival

Noleggio proiettore DCP Christie 2220 Campo San Polo Venezia

2 – We rent and sell

  • Digital cinema projectors DCP
  • 16mm and 35mm film projectors
  • Projectors for every professional and amateur need (LED, LCD, DLP)
  • Large, certified self-supporting screens that significantly reduce assembly time, costs and safety practices
  • Motorized screens
  • Film screens with micro-perforated (trans-noise) and high gain canvases
  • Rigid frame screens for front and back projections
  • Supports for screens with aluminium trusses
  • Cinematographic booths for outdoor installation
  • PA systems: amplifiers, microphones, speakers
  • Certified outdoor armchairs
  • Audio/video accessories: racks, American trellis, elevators, stands, lamps for digital or analog projectors and any other accessory.
Montaggio grande schermo Parco Villa Coronini Gorizia

3 – Audio/video systems

We offer audio/video systems for congresses, conferences, meetings, fairs, shows… – We provide audio/video systems for congresses, conferences, meetings, fairs and shows that take into account the type of event, the location and the number of participants.

Using innovative technologies and a highly competent staff we propose:

  • High-brightness projectors
  • LED Video Wall / Screens / Monitors of all sizes
  • Audio Amplification
  • Photography / video shooting
  • Management of audio/video direction
Noleggio proiettore 16 mm pellicola Eiki

4 – Streaming

If you plan to share the meeting in real time on the Internet, thus virtually expanding your audience, the audio/video streaming service is the right one for you.

We can deal with all organizational and technological issues: from the signal transmission service to the management of discussion groups.

Noleggio proiettori analogici pellicola 8 mm

5 – Web & Call Conference

A solution that we propose within the meetings is the web & call conference, a technology that allows absent speakers to join the meeting in audio and / or video, also sharing, documents such as presentations, slideshows and movies.

An effective way to contain costs and maximize the event value.

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