Organizational secretariat for events

Film festivals / Exhibitions / Fairs

> For Festivals, Exhibitions, Events
> Consulting
> Coordination and organization
> Communication and technology

1 – For Festivals, Exhibitions, Events

L’Image offers consultancy and services in the activities of organizational secretariat for fairs, festivals, exhibitions, competitions and events in general.

We have conducted numerous projects dealing with a part or the whole: from feasibility analysis to budget management, from the hospitality of the speakers to the setting up of the environments, from technological support to photographic or film recordings, from graphic design to the activities of press office and on-line communication.

We have organized awards ceremonies, designed exhibition itineraries, animated graphic and photographic works, created logos, poster campaigns and promotional spots.

Allestimento cinematografico Sala Gran Guardia Verona

Proiezione digitale Teatro Goldoni Venezia

Service audio video Monitor al plasma Villa Vescovi

2 – Consulting

We start with a feasibility study and a tight schedule based on the budget. We evaluate the most suitable spaces to host the event, depending on whether it is a company stand, an exhibition route or a festival venue.

We design the solution in a continuous and profitable interaction with the client, with the collaboration of professionals.

Service mapping Este Padova

Videoproiezione stadio Cittadella Calcio

Anteprima cinematografica Teatro Persiani Recanati

3 – Coordination and organization

We coordinate all the collaborations in the field and the supply of material necessary in case of installation. We take care of the hospitality of guests and guests. At the end we produce the press review and a detailed event report.

Sedie certificate per meeting ALW impianto audio video

4 – Communication and technology

We directly produce all the communication part of the initiative: logos, catalogues, flyers, in short, the entire communication off and online.

We also provide all the technological support and personnel necessary to assist customers in all phases of the event: from video projectors to LED Video Wall, from microphones to simultaneous translation, from video streaming to call conferences.

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