Film events and summer arenas

> Organize a film festival
> Consulting and organization
> Professional equipment

Projectors / Screens / Organisation

1 – Organize a film festival

Dealing with distribution companies for the acquisition of projection rights in the digital age, managing relations with the SIAE ( Italian ASCAP counterpart), carrying out the security procedures necessary to obtain the permits, managing the ticket office, organizing a communication plan… in short, a total partnership.

Set up a summer arena with digital cinema projection systems or video projection systems, screens and stalls…

Limage offers organizational consulting and technical services (rental/sale) for every film and multimedia show both indoor and outdoor.

Cinema all'aperto Ipercity Padova

Digitalna projekcija filma Kino Otok Izola cinema

Schermo cinema autoportante Premio Sergio Amidei Gorizia

Diretta su maxi schermo Calcio Pesaro

Cinema proiezione digitale DCP Teatro Romano Verona

Mestni kino ptuj Brez na stropa

Allestimento cinematografico Palmanova Udine

TMultiproiezione Parco Zanella Soave Verona


2 – Consulting and organization

We start with a careful needs analysis and the budget spotting.

Then, after an inspection and the choice of the most suitable spaces, we fine-tune the programming by checking the availability of the films, always trying to balance quality with popularity and price.

Today, the setting up of the summer cinema or arena takes into account the possibilities offered by video and digital, while respecting film rights.

3 – Professional equipment

In all cases it is a matter of using professional equipment proportional to the type of audience.

Our staff has all the necessary requirements even for the projection in arenas above one thousand seats.

For open spaces we also assist the customer in the safety practices, producing the necessary documentation of the cabins, screen and equipment.

Cabina cinematografica analogico digitale Campo San Polo Venezia

Schermo cinema certificato con zavorre integrate
Cabina cinematografica con proiettore DCP 2220 Christie
Gamma proiettori digitali cinema Christie 2215

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